Basic Operation
Before using the LED LCD Monitor:
Connect external equipments properly.
Insert the power plug, and the power LED indicator will light orange.
Power On/Off
To turn the LED LCD Monitor on/off:
Press POWER button on the front of LED LCD Monitor. The power LED indicator lights blue when
the LED LCD Monitor is on.
Selecting input source
Press the 2 button on the front panel, and use ▲▼ button to select the required input source
between AV1, AV2 or PC and then press 2 to confirm.
Using the OSD Menu
You are able to use OSD menus to adjust various settings by using menu button on the front of
the LED LCD Monitor.
The basic operation is as following:
Press 1 to display OSD menu.
Use 2 to select OSD menu page.
Press ▲▼ to enter the OSD menu page.
Use ▲▼ to select the optional item you want to adjust.
Press 2 to adjust levels or select the items.
If the item is marked with , press 2 to enable the function.
Press 1 again to exit current OSD page.
OSD Lock Out Function
When TFT LCD Monitor is in normal display, you can enable the “OSD Lock Out” function.
Option 1: OSD lock – all 4 buttons are locked except the “POWER” button.
Press and hold the button and then the button for 3 seconds to lock the OSD buttons.
The TFT LCD Monitor will show an “OSD Lock Out” message for 5~10 seconds and the message
will disappear automatically.
Repeat this step to unlock.
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