Safety Precautions
This LED LCD Monitor is manufactured and tested on a ground principle that a user’s safety
comes first. However, improper use or installation may result danger to the LED LCD Monitor as
well as to the user. Carefully go over the following WARNINGS before installation and keep this
guide handy.
This LED LCD Monitor should be operated only at the correct power sources
indicated on the label on the rear end of the LED LCD Monitor. If you’re unsure of
the power supply in your residence, consult your local dealer or power company.
Do not try to repair the LED LCD Monitor yourself as it contains no user-serviceable parts. The
LED LCD Monitor should only be repaired by a qualified technician.
Do not remove the LED LCD Monitor cabinet. There is high-voltage parts inside that may
cause electric shock to human bodies, even when the power cord is disconnected .
Stop using the LED LCD Monitor if the cabinet is damaged. Have it checked by a service
Put your LED LCD Monitor only in a clean, dry environment. Unplug the LED LCD Monitor
immediately if gets wet and consult your service technician.
Always unplug the LED LCD Monitor before cleaning it. Clean the cabinet with a clean, dry
cloth. Apply non-ammonia based cleaner onto the cloth, not directly onto the glass screen.
Keep the LED LCD Monitor away from magnetic objects, motors, TV sets, and transformer.
Do not place heavy objects on the cable or power cord.
For PLUG CABLE EQUIPMENT, the Socket-outlet shall be installed near the equipment and
shall be easily accessible.
Due to safety concerns, if the VESA mounting kit is purchased separately, please make sure
the mounting kit is UL-Listed, and replaceable only by service personnel.
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