5.1.7 Calibration Standards and Calibration Kits
Calibration standards are precision physical devices used for determination of errors in
a measurement system.
A calibration kit is a set of calibration standards with a specific connector type and
specific impedance.
The Analyzer provides definitions of calibration kits produced by different
manufacturers. The user can add the definitions of own calibration kits or modify the
predefined kits. Calibration kits editing procedure is described in the section 5.3.
To ensure the required calibration accuracy, select the calibration kit being used in the
program menu. The procedure of calibration kit selection is described in section 5.2.1. Definitions and Classes of Calibration Standards
Each calibration standard has a definition and belongs to one or several classes.
Calibration standard definition is a mathematical description of its parameters.
Calibration standard class is an application of the standard in a specific calibration
method associated with a specific test port number. For example, "LOAD of port 1" in
full two-port calibration. Types of Calibration Standards
Calibration standard type is a category of physical devices used to define the parameters
of the standard. The Analyzer supports the following types of the calibration standards:
§standard defined by data (S-parameters).
Note The type of a calibration standard should not be confused
with its class. Calibration standard type is a part of the
standard definition used for the calculation of its
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