113 Subclasses of Calibration Standards
Subclasses are used for assignment of one class to several calibration standards. The
procedure of subclass assignment is mainly employed for calibration within a wide
frequency range by several calibration standards, each of which does not cover the full
frequency range. Each class of standards can contain up to 8 subclasses.
For example, in your calibration kit the LOAD standard is defined as from 0 GHz to 2
GHz, and the LINE standard is defined as from 1.5 GHz to 12 GHz. To perform the
TRM/TRL calibration within the full frequency range the LOAD should be assigned the
subclass 1, and the LINE should assigned the subclass 2 of the "TRL line/match" class.
If the standards have an overlapping frequency range (as in the example above, from 1.5
GHz to 2 GHz), the last measured standard will be used.
Note Subclass assignment changes the labels of the calibration
softkeys. The measurement softkey is replaced by the
key, which opens the subclass menu containing the keys
for measuring several calibration standards.
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