125 Unknown Thru Calibration
The unknown thru calibration procedure is same as the one for a full two-port
calibration described in the previous section.
To start unknown thru calibration, first add UNKNOWN THRU standard to the
description of the calibration kit and assign the class to it. After that, the unknown thru
measurement softkey will become available in the two-port calibration menu.
See section 5.3.2 for a calibration standard definition in a calibration kit. When adding
the unknown thru standard to a kit you should specify just two parameters:
UNKNOWN THRU type of the standard and approximate delay of propagation in one
direction. You can enter zero value for delay for it to be automatically determined
during calibration (See section
See section 5.3.4 for the calibration standard class assignment. A newly added
UNKNOWN THRU standard is to be assigned to “Thru, Port 1-2” class.
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