Before starting calibration, perform the following settings: select active channel, set the
parameters of the channel (frequency range, IF bandwidth, etc), select the calibration
To open TRL calibration submenu, use the following
Calibration > Calibrate > 2-Port TRL Cal
Connect a TRL THRU (THRU or LINE) standard between
the test ports. Perform measurement using 1–2 Thru/Line
Connect a TRL REFLECT standard to the test ports in any
order. Perform measurement using Port 1 Reflect and Port
2 Reflect softkey.
Connect a TRL LINE/MATCH (LINE between the test
ports and 2 LOADs to each port). Perform measurement
using Port 1-2 Line/Match softkey.
The instrument status bar will indicate Calibration in
progress... when the measurement is in progress. On
completion of the measurement a check mark will appear
in the left part of the softkey.
To complete the calibration procedure, click Apply.
This will activate the process of calibration coefficient
table calculation and saving it into the memory. The error
correction function will also be automatically enabled.
Note System correction will turn automatically off when you
press Apply softkey to perform TRL calibration (See
section 8.4).
To clear the measurement results of the standards, click
This softkey does not cancel the current calibration. To
disable the current calibration, turn off the error
correction function (See section 5.2.10).
Note You can check the calibration status in channel status bar
(See table 5.5) or in trace status field (See table 5.6).
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