5.2.8 Calibration Using Subclasses
When several calibration standards of one class are used for calibration, you should
assign subclasses to these standards using the calibration kit editing function. The
procedure of subclass assignment is described in section 5.3.4.
When assigning two or more subclasses to one class of calibration standards, the
standard measurement softkey is replaced by the softkey, which opens the subclass
menu containing the list of all the standards of this class.
Further this section describes an example of calibration using the calibration kit for TRL
calibration, in which the "TRL LINE/MATCH" class contains 3 subclasses: load
(Lowband), line 2 (TRL Line2), and line 3 (TRL Line3).
In the main menu of TRL calibration the 1-2 Line/Match
softkey will open the subclass menu (if the above
mentioned condition is met).
Connect the Lowband, Line2 and Line3 to the test ports
in any consequence and perform measurements clicking
the softkey corresponding to the connected standard.
If two standards have an overlapping frequency range the
last measured standard will be used in the overlapping
To view additional information about each standard
frequency range, in which its measurements are applied
(See figure 5.13), press Info softkey.
Figure 5.13 Information on calibration standard measurements.
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