5.2.9 Calibration Using Sliding Load
The SLIDING LOAD can be used instead of a FIXED LOAD in full one-port and two-
port calibrations.
If a calibration kit contains a SLIDING LOAD, the standard measurement softkey is
replaced by the softkey, which opens the submenu containing the SLIDING LOAD
calibration logic.
The sliding load calibration involves a series of measurements in different positions of
the sliding element. The minimum number of measurements is 5, the maximum number
of measurements is 8.
In the main menu of one-port or two-port calibration the
Load softkey will open the sliding load menu (if the above
mentioned condition is met).
Connect the SLIDING LOAD to a selected test ports and
perform a series of measurements in different positions of
the slidling element clicking the Position 1, Position 2 …
Position 8 softkeys.
Note The sliding load had a low cutoff frequency. To perform
calibration in the full frequency range, use two loads:
FIXED LOAD standard in the lower part of the frequency
range, and SLIDING LOAD in the upper frequency range
using subclasses (See section 5.2.8).
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