5.3 Calibration Kit Management
This section describes how to edit the calibration kit description, add and delete a
calibration kit.
The Analyzer provides a table for 50 calibration kits. The first part of the table contains
the predefined kits. The second part of the table is for calibration kit added by the user.
A calibration kit redefining can be required for the following purposes:
§To change the port assignment of a standard to ensure connector type
(male, female) matching;
§To add a user-defined standard into the kit, e.g. a non zero-length thru;
§To precise the standard parameters to improve the calibration accuracy.
A new user-defined calibration kit adding can be added when a required kit is not
included in the list of the predefined kits.
Deleting function is available for user-defined calibration kits only.
Any changes made to the calibration kits are automatically saved into the nonvolatile
memory of the Analyzer. For the saving no clicking on a “Save” button is required.
Note Changes to a predefined calibration kit can be cancelled
any time and the initial state will be restored.
5.3.1 Table of Calibration Kits
The table of calibration kits (See figure 5.15) allows selecting and editing of the
calibration kits.
Figure 5.15 Table of calibration kits
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