5.3.3 Table of Calibration Standard S-Parameters
The table of calibration standard S-parameters (See figure 5.17) allows viewing and
editing of S-parameters of the calibration standards of the “Data-Based” type.
Figure 5.17 Table of calibration standard S-parameters
To open the table of calibration standard S-parameters,
move the required line in the table (See figure 5.17), and
click the following softkeys:
Define STD Data
Note Define STD Data softkey is disabled if the type of the
standard is other than “Data-Based”.
There are two different tables for one-port standards and for two-port standards. The
table contains one parameter (S11) for one-port standards, and four parameters (S11, S21,
S12, S
22) for two-port standards. Before the user fills in the table, its type will be
defined: by the Touchstone format (s1p or s2p) if the data is downloaded from a file, or
the user will be requested to specify the type if the data is entered by the user.
The data in the table can be represented in three formats according to the user settings:
§Real part and Imaginary part,
§Linear magnitude and Phase (°),
§Logarithmic magnitude (dB) and Phase (°).
The following rule is applied for the calibration of a two-port standard: the standard is
considered connected by port 1 (S11) to the port with smallest number, and by port 2
(S22) to the port with the biggest number. If you need to “reverse” a two-port standard,
use the “Port Reverse” function (section
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