5.3.4 Calibration Standard Class Assignment
The assignment of classes to the standards of the selected calibration kit is made in the
table of standard classes (See figure 5.18).
Standard labels filled in the table cells by selecting them from the list of calibration kit
Each row of the table corresponds to the standard class specified in the two left columns
of the table.
If a single standard is assigned to the class then it filled into the "Subclass 1" column.
If several standards are assigned to the class, as described in section 5.2.8, then
"Subclass 2", “Subclass 3”, etc columns are filled in.
Figure 5.18 Table of calibration standard classes
To open the table of calibration standard classes, use the
following softkeys:
Calibration > Cal Kit > Specify CLSs Standard Class Table Editing
Moving in the table of calibration standard classes (See figure 5.18) using navigation
keys, click «Enter» in the required cell for the pop-up menu. Select the standard label in
the pop-up menu to assign it the class and port number specified in the left part of the
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