Fill in the following fields:
·User name;
·Analyzer name;
·Characterization location;
·Connectors (types of adapter connectors);
·Adapter description (description of adapters).
Use Save softkey to complete the user characterization of the ACM.
5.8.4 Confidence Check Procedure
In case you need to verify the reliability of the current calibration, perform the
confidence check. This function can be used to check the accuracy of either calibration
performed with an ACM or with a mechanical calibration kit.
Connect the ACM to the Analyzer test ports, and connect the USB port of the ACM to
the USB port of the computer.
Enable the display of the data trace for the needed parameter, for example S21. It is
possible to enable several data traces simultaneously, for example, S11, S22, S21, S12.
Select characterization using Characterization softkey.
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