173 Marker Value Indication Capacity
By default, the marker stimulus values are displayed with 8 decimal digits and marker
response values are displayed with 5 decimal digits. The user can change these settings.
To set the marker value indication capacity, use the
following softkeys:
Markers > Properties > Stimulus Digits
Markers > Properties > Response Digits Multi Marker Data Display
If several overlapping traces are displayed in one graph, by default only active marker
data are displayed on the screen. The user can enable display of the marker data of all
the traces simultaneously. The markers of different traces will be distinguished by the
color. Each marker will have same color with its trace.
To enable/disable the multi marker data display, toggle
the softkey:
Markers > Marker Properties > Active Only
Note When multi marker data display is enabled, to avoid data
overlapping on the screen, arrange the marker data on the
screen (See section
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