To find the maximum or minimum values on a trace, use
the following softkeys:
Markers > Marker Search > Maximum
Markers > Marker Search > Minimum
Note Before you start maximum or minimum search, first
activate the marker.
In Smith chart and polar formats the search is executed
for the first value of the marker. Search for Peak
Peak search function enables you to determine the peak value of the measured
parameter and move the marker to this position on the trace (See figure 6.6).
Peak is a local extremum of the trace.
Peak is called positive if the value in the peak is greater than the values of the adjacent
Peak is called negative if the value in the peak is smaller than the values of the adjacent
Peak excursion is the smallest of the absolute differences between the response values
in the peak point and the two adjoining peaks of the opposite polarity.
Figure 6.6 Positive and negative peaks
The peak search is executed only for the peaks meeting the following conditions:
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