6.2 Memory Trace Function
For each data trace displayed on the screen a so-called memory trace can be created.
The memory trace is displayed in the same color as the main data trace, but its
brightness is twice lower1.
The data trace shows the currently measured data and is continuously being updated as
the measurement goes on.
The memory trace is a data trace saved into the memory. It is created from the current
measurement when the user is clicking the corresponding softkey. After that, the two
traces become displayed on the screen – the data trace and the memory trace. The user
can customize the trace indication. The trace status field will indicate the following:
§D&M – data trace and memory trace are displayed;
§M– only memory trace is displayed;
§OFF – both traces are not displayed
§Empty field – only data trace is displayed.
The memory trace bears the following features of the data trace (which if changed, will
clear the memory):
§frequency range,
§number of points,
§sweep type.
The memory trace has the following settings common with the data trace (which if
changed, modifies the both traces):
§electrical delay.
The following data trace settings (if changed after the memory trace creation) do not
influence the memory trace:
§power in frequency sweep mode,
§frequency in power sweep mode,
§measured parameter (S-parameter),
§IF bandwidth,
1 The color and brightness of the data and memory traces can be customized by the user (See
section 8.6).
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