Mixer / converter measurements
Scalar mixer / converter
The scalar method allows measurement of scalar
transmission S-parameters of mixers and other
devices having different input and output frequencies.
No external mixers or other devices are required. The
scalar method employs port frequency offset when
there is difference between receiver frequency and
source frequency.
Vector mixer /
converter measurements
The vector method allows measuring of the mixer
transmission S-parameter magnitude and phase. The
method requires an external mixer and a LO common
for both the external mixer and the mixer under test.
Scalar mixer / converter
The most accurate method of calibration applied for
measurements of mixers in frequency offset mode.
The OPEN, SHORT, and LOAD calibration standards
are used. An external power meter should be
connected to the USB port directly or via USB/GPIB
Vector mixer /converter
Method of calibration applied for vector mixer
measurements. The OPEN, SHORT and LOAD
calibration standards are used.
Automatic adjustment
of frequency offset
The function performs automatic frequency offset
adjustment when the scalar mixer / converter
measurements are performed to compensate for
internal LO setting inaccuracy in the DUT.
Other features
Familiar graphical user
Graphical user interface based on Windows operating
system ensures fast and easy Analyzer operation by
the user.
Analyzer control Using personal computer.
Printout/saving of traces The traces and data printout function has preview
feature. The preview, saving and printout can be
performed using MS Word, Image Viewer for
Windows, or Analyzer Print Wizard.
Remote control
COM/DCOM Remote control over COM/DCOM. COM automation
runs the user program on Analyzer PC. DCOM
automation runs the user program on a LAN
networked PC.
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