6.3 Fixture Simulation
The fixture simulation function enables you to emulate the measurement conditions
other than those of the real setup. The following conditions can be simulated:
§Port Z conversion;
Before starting the fixture simulation, first activate the channel. The simulation function
will affect all the traces of the channel.
To open the fixture simulation menu, use the following
Analysis > Fixture Simulator
Note The Fixture Simulator softkey label indicates the
ON – at least one of the fixture simulation functions is
OFF – all fixture simulation functions are disabled.
6.3.1 Port Z Conversion
Port Z conversion is a function of transformation of the S-parameters measured during
port wave impedance change simulation (See figure 6.12).
Note The value of the test port impedance is defined in the
process of calibration. It is determined by the
characteristic impedance of the calibration kit and the
value is entered by the user as described in section 5.2.12.
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