1.3 Ordering Information
1.3.1 Standard Accessories
The standard accessories supplied with the PLANAR 804/1 Network Analyzer are as
§Power Cable 1 pc
§CD with software 1 pc
§Operating Manual 1 pc
1.4 Principle of Operation
PLANAR 804/1 Network Analyzer consists of the Analyzer Unit, some supplementary
accessories, and personal computer (which is not supplied with the package). The
Analyzer Unit is connected to PC via USB-interface. The block diagram of the
Analyzer is represented in figure 1.1.
The Analyzer Unit consists of source oscillator, local oscillator, source power
attenuator, and switch transferring the source signal to two directional couplers, which
are ending with port 1 and port 2 connectors. The incident and reflected waves from the
directional couplers are supplied into the mixers, where they are converted into first IF
(10.7 MHz), and are transferred further to the 4-Channel receiver. The 4-Channel
receiver, after filtration, produces the signal of second IF (about 30 kHz), then digitally
encodes it and supplies for further processing (filtration, phase difference estimation,
magnitude measurement) into the signal processor. The filters for the second IF are
digital and have passband from 1 Hz to 30 kHz. Each port of the Analyzer can be a
source of the tested signal as well as a receiver of the signal transferred thought the
DUT. If port 1 is a source, port 2 will be a receiver. The definition «incident and
reflected» wave is correct for the port, when it is a source of the test signal. The
combination of the assemblies of directional couplers, mixers and 4-Channel receiver
forms four similar signal receivers.
An external PC controls the operation of the components of the PLANAR 804/1. To
fulfill the S-parameter measurement, the Analyzer supplies the source signal of the
assigned frequency from one of the ports to the DUT, then measures magnitude and
phase of the signals transmitted and reflected by the DUT, and after that compares these
results to the magnitude and phase of the source signal.
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