Figure 6.21 Ripple limit table
To add a new row in the table, click Add. The new row
will appear below the highlighted one.
To delete a row from the table, click Delete. The
highlighted row will be deleted.
To clear the entire table, use Clear Ripple Limit Table
To save the table into *.rlm file, use Save Ripple Limit
Table softkey.
To open the table from a *.rlm file, use Recall Ripple
Limit Table softkey.
Navigating in the table to enter the values of the following parameters of a ripple limit
test segment:
Type Select the segment type among the following:
ON – band used for the ripple limit test
OFF — band not used for the limit test
Begin Stimulus Stimulus value in the beginning point of the segment.
End Stimulus Stimulus value in the ending point of the segment.
Ripple Limit Ripple limit value.
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