7.1 Analyzer State
The Analyzer state, calibration and measured data can be saved on the hard disk to an
Analyzer state file and later uploaded back into the Analyzer program. The following
four types of saving are available:
State The Analyzer settings.
State & Cal The Analyzer settings and the table of calibration
State & Trace The Analyzer settings and data traces1.
All The Analyzer settings, table of calibration coefficients,
and data traces1.
The Analyzer settings that become saved into the Analyzer state file are the parameters,
which can be set in the following submenus of the softkey menu:
§All the parameters in Stimulus submenu;
§All the parameters in Measurement submenu;
§All the parameters in Format submenu;
§All the parameters in Scale submenu;
§All the parameters in Average submenu;
§All the parameters in Display submenu except for Properties;
§All the parameters of Markers submenu;
§All the parameters of Analysis submenu;
§Ref Source and System Correction parameters in System
To save and recall a state file, you can use ten softkeys labeled State01, ... State10. Each
of the softkeys correspond to a *.sta file having the same name.
To have the Analyzer state automatically recalled after each start of the instrument use
Autorecall.sta file. Use Autorecall softkey to save the corresponding file and thus enable
this function.
1 When recalling the state with saved data traces, the trigger mode will be automatically set to
«Hold», so that the recalled traces are not erased by the currently measured data.
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