7.2 Channel State
A channel state can be saved into the Analyzer memory. The channel state saving
procedure is similar to saving of the Analyzer state saving, and the same saving types
(described in section 7.1) are applied to the channel state saving.
Unlike the Analyzer state, the channel state is saved into the Analyzer inner volatile
memory (not to the hard disk) and is cleared when the power to the Analyzer is turned
off. For channel state storage, there are four memory registers A, B, C, D.
The channel state saving allows the user to easily copy the settings of one channel to
another one.
7.2.1 Channel State Saving
To save the active channel state, use the following
Save/Recall > Save Channel
To save a state into one of the four memory registers, use
State A…State D softkeys.
A check mark in the left part of the softkey indicates that
the state with the corresponding number is already saved.
7.2.2 Channel State Recalling
To recall the active channel state, use the following
Save/Recall > Recall Channel
Click the required softkey of the available State A…State
If the state with some number was not saved the
corresponding softkey will be grayed out.
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