2.1 General Information
Unpack the Analyzer and other accessories. Check the contents of the package against
the list specified in section 1.3.1. Connect your PLANAR 804/1 to the 100 VAC to 240
VAC 50/60 Hz power source by means of the Power Cable supplied with the
instrument. Connect the USB-port of your Analyzer to the PC using the USB Cable
supplied in the package. Install the software (supplied on the CD) onto your PC. The
software installation procedure is described below in section 2.2.
Warm-up the Analyzer for 40 minutes after power-on.
Assemble the test setup using cables, connectors, fixtures, etc, which allow DUT
connection to the Analyzer.
Perform calibration of the Analyzer. Calibration procedure is described in section 5.
2.2 Software Installation
Connect the Analyzer to your PC via USB interface and install the PLANAR 804/1
software using the CD supplied with the instrument.
Minimal system
requirements for
the PC
1.5 GHz Processor
USB 2.0 High Speed
The supplied CD contains the following software.
CD contents Setup_Planar804_vX.X.exe1installer file
folder Driver contains the driver
folder Doc contains documentation
1 X.X – program version number
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