7.4 Trace Data Touchstone File
The Analyzer allows the user to save S-parameters to a Touchstone file. The
Touchstone file contains the frequency values and S-parameters. The files of this format
are typical for most of circuit simulator programs.
The *.s2p files are used for saving all the four S-parameters of a 2-port device.
The *.s1p files are used for saving S11 and S22 parameters of a 1-port device.
Only one (active) trace data are saved to the file.
Note If a channel does not have all the S-parameter traces, only
available S-parameter responses will be represented. For
example, if one S11 trace is enabled, S21 response will be
represented, and S12 and S22 will not be represented. The
missing S-parameters are displayed as zeroes in the file.
If full 2-port calibration is active, all the four S-
parameters in a channel are measured, independently of
the number of the traces.
The Touchstone file saving function is applied to individual channels. To use this
function, first activate the channel.
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