8.1 Analyzer Presetting
Analyzer presetting feature allows the user to restore the default settings of the
The default settings of your Analyzer are specified in Appendix 1.
To preset the Analyzer, use the following softkeys:
System > Preset > OK
8.2 Graph Printing
This section describes the print/save procedures for the graph data.
The print function is provided with the preview feature, which allows the user to view
the image to be printed on the screen, and/or save it to a file.
You can print out the graphs using three different applications:
§MS Word;
§Image Viewer for Windows;
§Print Wizard of the Analyzer.
Note MS Word application must be installed in Windows
Note The Print Wizard requires at least one printer to be
installed in Windows.
You can select the print color before the image is transferred to the printing application:
§Color (no changes);
§Gray Scale;
§Black & White.
You can invert the image before it is transferred to the printing application.
You can add current date and time before the image is transferred to the printing
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