8.6 User Interface Setting
The Analyzer enables you to make the following user interface settings:
§Toggle between full screen and window display
§Set color of:
§Data traces
§Memory traces
§Background and grid of graph
§Background and font of menu bar
§Style and width of:
§Data traces
§Memory traces
§Graph grid
§Font size of:
§Channel window
§Channel status bar
§Instrument status bar
§Invert color of graph area
§Hide/show menu bar
§Hide/show stimulus graticule (X axis)
§Set response graticule mode (Y axis)
§on for active trace
§on for all traces
Note The user interface settings are automatically saved and
will restore when you next time turn the Analyzer on. No
particular saving procedure is required. There is a button
for restoration of the default factory settings for the user
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