The procedure of the software installation is broken up into two steps. The first one is
the driver installation. The second step comprises installation of the program,
documentation and other files.
Driver installation Connect the Analyzer to your PC via the supplied
USB cable. It is allowed to connect the USB cable
to the running PC.
Turn on and boot the PC, if it is off.
Turn the Analyzer on by the Power key on the front
When you connect the Analyzer to the PC for the
first time, Windows will automatically detect the
new USB device and will open the USB driver
installation dialog (Windows 2000/XP/VISTA).In
Windows 7, open the USB driver installation
dialog as follows: Start > Control Panel > Device
Manager.Make the right mouse click on the
Unknown Device line and select Update Drivers.
In the USB driver installation dialog, click on
Browse and specify the path to the driver files,
which are contained in the \DRIVER folder on the
CD and on hard drive in analyzer software folder.
When the driver is installed, the new USB device
(PLANAR Network Analyzer) will appear in the
Program and other
files installation
Run the Setup_Planar804_vX.X.exe installer file
from the CD. Follow the instructions of the
installation wizard.
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