9.1 Maintenance Procedures
This section describes the guidelines and procedures of maintenance, which will ensure
fault-free operation of your Analyzer.
The maintenance of the Analyzer consists in cleaning of the instrument, factory
calibrations, and regular performance tests.
9.1.1 Instrument Cleaning
This section provides the cleaning instructions required for maintaining the proper
operation of your Analyzer.
To remove contamination from parts other than test ports and any connectors of the
Analyzer, wipe them gently with a soft cloth that is dry or wetted with a small amount
of water and wrung tightly.
It is essential to keep the test ports always clean as any dust or stains on them can
significantly affect the measurement capabilities of the instrument. To clean the test
ports (as well as other connectors of the Analyzer), use the following procedure:
using compressed air remove or loosen the contamination particles;
clean the connectors using a lint-free cleaning cloth wetted with a small amount of
ethanol and isopropyl alcohol (when cleaning a female connector, avoid snagging
the cloth on the center conductor contact fingers by using short strokes);
dry the connector with low-pressure compressed air.
Always completely dry a connector before using it.
Never use water or abrasives for cleaning any connectors of the Analyzer.
Do not allow contact of alcohol to the surface of the insulators of the connectors.
When connecting male-female coaxial connectors always use a calibrated wrench.
Never perform cleaning of the instrument if the power
cable is connected to the power outlet.
Never clean the internal components of the
9.1.2 Factory Calibration
Factory calibration is a regular calibration performed by the manufacturer or an
authorized service center. We recommend you to send your Analyzer for factory
calibration every three years.
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