9.1.3 Performance Test
Performance test is the procedure of the Analyzer performance verification by
confirming that the behavior of the instrument meets the published specifications.
Performance test of the Analyzer should be performed in accordance with Performance
Test Instructions.
The Analyzer software is provided with System > Performance Test submenu for
automatic verification execution.
Performance test period is one year.
9.2 Storage Instructions
Before first use store your Analyzer in the factory package at environment temperature
from 0 to +40 ºС and relative humidity up to 80% (at 25 ºС).
After you have removed the factory package store the Analyzer at environment
temperature from +10 to +35 ºС and relative humidity up to 80% (at 25 ºС).
Ensure to keep the storage facilities free from dust, fumes of acids and alkalies,
aggressive gases, and other chemicals, which can cause corrosion.
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