1. The manufacturer warrants the Network Analyzer to conform to the specifications of
this Manual when used in accordance with the regulations of operation detailed in this
2. The manufacturer will repair or replace without charge, at its option, any Analyzer
found defective in manufacture within the warranty period, which is twelve (12) months
from the date of purchase. Should the user fail to submit the warranty card appropriately
certified by the seller with its stamp and date of purchase the warranty period will be
determined by the date of manufacture.
3. The warranty is considered void if:
a) the defect or damage is caused by improper storage, misuse, neglect, inadequate
maintenance, or accident;
b) the product is tampered with, modified or repaired by an unauthorized party;
c) the product's seals are tampered with;
d) the product has mechanical damage.
4. The batteries are not included or covered by this warranty.
5. Transport risks and costs to and from the manufacturer or the authorized service
centers are sustained by the buyer.
6. The manufacturer is not liable for direct or indirect damage of any kind to people or
goods caused by the use of the product and/or suspension of use due to eventual repairs.
7. When returning the faulty product please include the accurate details of this product
and clear description of the fault. The manufacturer reserves the right to check the
product in its laboratories to verify the foundation of the claim.
Manufacturer's contact information:
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