Appendix 1 — Default Settings Table
Default values defined in the process of the initial factory setup.
Parameter Description Default Setting Parameter Setting
Data Saving Type State and
Touchstone Data Format Real-Imaginary Analyzer
Allocation of Channels Analyzer
Active Channel Number 1 Analyzer
Marker Value Identification Capacity
7 digits Analyzer
Marker Value Identification Capacity
4 digits Analyzer
Marker Table OFF Analyzer
Reference Frequency Source Internal Analyzer
Trigger Signal Source Internal Analyzer
Reference Channel Error Correction ON Analyzer
System Correction ON Analyzer
Allocation of Traces Channel
Vertical Divisions 10 Channel
Channel Title Bar OFF Channel
Channel Title Empty Channel
«FAIL» Label Display (Limit Test) OFF Channel
Segment Sweep Frequency Axis Display Frequency Order Channel
Traces per Channel 1 Channel
Active Trace Number 1 Channel
Marker Coupling ON Channel
Sweep Type Linear Frequency Channel
Number of Sweep Points 201 Channel
Stimulus Start Frequency 300 kHz Channel
Stimulus Stop Frequency 8.0 GHz Channel
Stimulus CW Frequency 300 kHz Channel
Stimulus Start Power Level –60 dBm Channel
Stimulus Stop Power Level 10 dBm Channel
Stimulus Power Level 0 dBm Channel
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