2.3 Front Panel
The front view of PLANAR 804/1 is represented in figure 2.1. The front panel is
equipped with the following parts:
§Power switch;
§Test ports.
Figure 2.1 PLANAR 804/1 front panel
2.3.1 Power Switch
Switches the initial conditionpower supply of the
Analyzer on and off.
You can turn your Analyzer on/off at any moment of
time. After power-on of the Analyzer connected to PC,
Planar804.exe program will start to upload the
microprograms onto the instrument. The uploading
process will take 10 sec., after that the Analyzer will be
ready for operation.
Note When you turn on your Analyzer for the first time, the
USB driver will be installed onto the PC. The driver
installation procedure is described in section 2.2. Some
computers may require re-installation of the driver in case
of change of the USB port.
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