Appendix 1 – Default Settings Table
Phase Offset Trace
Electrical Delay 0 sec. Trace
S-parameter Conversion OFF Trace
S-parameter Conversion Function Z: Reflection Trace
Trace Display Format Logarithmic
Magnitude (dB)
Time Domain Transformation OFF Trace
Time Domain Transformation Start –10 nsec. Trace
Time Domain Transformation Stop 10 nsec. Trace
Time Domain Kaiser-Beta 6 Trace
Time Domain Transformation Type Bandpass Trace
Time Domain Gate ON Trace
Time Domain Gate Start –10 ns Trace
Time Domain Gate Stop 10 ns Trace
Time Domain Gate Type Bandpass Trace
Time Domain Gate Shape Normal Trace
Smoothing OFF Trace
Smoothing Aperture 1% Trace
Trace Display Mode Data Trace
Limit Test OFF Trace
Limit Line Display OFF Trace
Defined Limit Lines Empty Trace
Number of Markers 0 Trace
Marker Position 300 kHz Trace
Marker Search Maximum Trace
Marker Tracking OFF Trace
Marker Search Target 0 dB Trace
Marker Search Target Transition Both Trace
Marker Search Peak Polarity Positive Trace
Marker Search Peak Excursion 3 dB Trace
Bandwidth Parameter Search OFF Trace
Marker Search Bandwidth Value –3 dB Trace
Marker Search Range OFF Trace
Marker Search Start 0 Trace
Marker Search Stop 0 Trace
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