This section represents a sample session of the Analyzer. It describes the main
techniques of measurement of reflection coefficient parameters of the DUT. SWR and
reflection coefficient phase of the DUT will be analyzed.
For reflection coefficient measurement only one test port of the Analyzer is used. The
instrument sends the stimulus to the input of the DUT and then receives the reflected
wave. Generally in the process of this measurement the output of the DUT should be
terminated with a LOAD standard. The results of these measurements can be
represented in various formats.
Typical circuit of reflection coefficient measurement is shown in figure 3.1.
Figure 3.1 Reflection measurement circuit
To measure SWR and reflection coefficient phases of the DUT, in the given example
you should go through the following steps:
nPrepare the Analyzer for reflection measurement;
nSet stimulus parameters (frequency range, number of sweep
nSet IF bandwidth;
nSet the number of traces to 2, assign measured parameters and
display format to the traces;
nSet the scale of the traces;
nPerform calibration of the Analyzer for reflection coefficient
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