3.6 Trace Scale Setting
For a convenience in operation, change the trace scale using automatic scaling function.
To set the scale of the active trace by the autoscaling
function, use the following softkeys:
Scale > Auto Scale
To return to the main menu, click the top softkey (colored
in blue).
3.7 Analyzer Calibration for Reflection Coefficient Measurement
Calibration of the whole measurement setup, which includes the Analyzer, cables and
other devices, supporting connection to the DUT, allows to considerably enhance the
accuracy of the measurement.
To perform full 1-port calibration, you need to prepare the kit of calibration standards:
OPEN, SHORT and LOAD. Such a kit has its description and specifications of the
standards. To perform proper calibration, you need to select in the program the correct
kit type.
In the process of full 1-port calibration, connect calibration standards to the test port
one after another, as shown in figure 3.2.
Figure 3.2 Full 1-port calibration circuit
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