3.8 SWR and Reflection Coefficient Phase Analysis Using Markers
This section describes how to determine the measurement values at three frequency
points using markers. The Analyzer screen view is shown in figure 3.3. In the current
example, a reflection standard of SWR = 1.2 is used as a DUT.
Figure 3.3 SWR and reflection coefficient phase measurement example
To enable a new marker, use the following softkeys:
Markers > Add Marker
Then enter the frequency value in the input field in the
graph, e.g. to enter frequency 200 MHz, press «2», «0»,
«0» and «M» keys on the keypad.
Repeat the above procedure three times to enable three
markers in different frequency points.
By default only active trace markers are displayed on the screen. To enable display of
two traces simultaneously, first activate the marker table.
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