4.1 Screen Layout and Functions
The screen layout is represented in figure 4.1. In this section you will find detailed
description of the softkey menu bar, menu bar, and instrument status bar. The channel
windows will be described in the following section.
Figure 4.1 Analyzer screen layout
4.1.1 Softkey Menu Bar
The softkey menu bar in the right-hand side of the screen is the main menu of the
Note The top line of the screen represents the menu bar, which
enables you direct access to the submenus of the softkey
menu. This menu is an auxiliary one and can be hidden.
The softkey menu bar consists of panels, which appear one instead of the other. Each
panel represents one of the submenus of the softkey menu. All the panels are integrated
into multilevel menu system and allow access to all the functions of the Analyzer.
Menu bar
Softkey menu bar
Instrument status bar
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