You can manipulate the menu softkeys using a mouse.
Also you can navigate the menu by «», «», «», «», «Enter», «Esc», «Home» keys
on the external keyboard.
The types of the softkeys are described below:
The top softkey is the menu title key. It enables you to
return to the upper level of the menu. If it is displayed in
blue you can use keyboard to navigate within the softkey
If the softkey is highlighted in dark gray, pressing «Enter»
key on the keyboard will activate the function of this
softkey. You can shift the highlight from key to key using
«»and «» arrows on the keyboard.
A large dot on the softkey indicates the current selection
in a list of alternative settings.
A check mark in the left part of the softkey indicates the
active function, which you can switch on/off.
The softkey with a right arrow enables the access to the
lower level of the menu.
The softkey with a text field allows for the selected
function indication.
The softkey with a value field allows for
entering/selection of the numerical settings.
This navigation softkey appears when the softkey menu
overflows the menu screen area. Using this softkey you
can scroll down and up the softkey menu.
To navigate in the softkey menu, you can also (additionally to «», «») use «», «»,
«Esc», «Home» keys of the keyboard:
n«» key brings up the upper level of the menu;
n«» key brings up the lower level of the menu, if there is a highlighted
softkey with a right arrow;
n«Esc» key functions similar to «» key;
n«Home» key brings up the main menu.
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