4.1.3 Instrument Status Bar
Figure 4.3 Instrument status bar
The instrument status bar is located at the bottom of the screen.
Table 4.1 Messages in the instrument status bar
Field Description Message Instrument Status
Not Ready No communication between DSP and
Loading DSP program is loading.
DSP status
Ready DSP is running normally.
Meas A sweep is in progress.
Hold A sweep is on hold.
Ext Waiting for trigger, which is set to “External”.
Man Waiting for trigger, which is set to “Manual”.
Sweep status
Bus Waiting for trigger, which is set to “Bus”.
Calibration Calibration… Calibration standard measurement is in
RF signal RF output Off Stimulus signal output is turned off.
External reference
frequency ExtRef External reference frequency input (10 MHz)
is turned on.
Display update Update Off Display update is turned off.
System correction
status Sys Corr OFF System correction is turned off (see section
PC Error ROM error of power calibration.
Factory calibration
error RC Error ROM error of system calibration.
External power
meter status
Power Meter:
When external power meter is connected to the
Analyzer via USB the following messages are
displayed: connection, connection error, ready,
measurement, zero setting, zero setting error
Date and time Messages
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