4.2.2 Trace Status Field
Figure 4.5 Trace status field
The trace status field displays the name and parameters of a trace. The number of lines
in the field depends on the number of active traces in the channel.
Note Using the trace status field you can easily modify the
trace parameters by the mouse (as described in section
Each line contains the data on one trace of the channel:
nTrace name from «Tr1» to «Tr16». The active trace name is
highlighted in inverted color;
nMeasured parameter: S11, S21, S12, S22, or absolute power
value: A(n), B(n), R1(n), R2(n);
nDisplay format, e.g. «Log Mag»;
nTrace scale in measurement units per scale division, e.g. «10.0
nReference level value, e.g. «►0.00 dB», where «►» is the
symbol of the reference level;
nTrace status is indicated as symbols in square brackets (See
table 4.2).
Trace properties
Reference leve
l value
Trace scale
Display format
Measured parameter
Trace name
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