Table 4.2 Trace status symbols definition
Status Symbols Definition
RO OPEN response calibration
RS SHORT response calibration
RT THRU response calibration
OP One-path 2-port calibration
F1 Full 1-port calibration
F2 Full 2-port and TRL calibration
Error Correction
SMC Scalar mixer calibration
RC Receiver calibration
Calibrations PC Power calibration
Z0 Port impedance conversion
FD Fixture de-embedding
FE Fixture embedding
Data Analysis
PExt Port extension
No indication Data trace
D&M Data and memory traces
MMemory trace
Trace Display
Off Data and memory traces ā€“ off
D+M Data + Memory
Dā€“M Data ā€“ Memory
D*M Data * Memory
Math Operations
D/M Data / Memory
Electrical Delay Del Electrical delay other than zero
Smoothing Smo Trace smoothing
Gating Gat Time domain gating
Zr Reflection impedance
Zt Transmission impedance
Yr Reflection admittance
Yt Transmission admittance
1/S S-parameter inversion
Ztsh Transmission-shunt impedance
Ytsh Transmission-shunt admittance
Conj Conjugation
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