4.4 Channel and Trace Display Setting
The Analyzer supports 16 channels, which allow measurements with different stimulus
parameter settings. The parameters related to a logical channel are listed in table 4.7.
4.4.1 Channel Window Allocating
A channel is represented on the screen as an individual channel window. The screen can
display from 1 to 16 channel windows simultaneously. By default one channel window
opens. If you need to open two or more channel windows select one of the layouts
shown below.
To set the channel window layout, use the following
Display > Allocate Channels
Then select the required number and layout of the channel
windows in the menu.
The available options of number and layout of the channel windows on the screen are as
In accordance with the layouts, the channel windows do not overlap each other. The
channels open starting from the smaller numbers.
Note For each open channel window, you should set the
stimulus parameters, make other settings, and perform
Before you start a channel parameter setting or
calibration, you need to select this channel as active.
The measurements are executed for open channel windows in succession.
Measurements for hidden channel windows are not executed.
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