4.4.2 Number of Traces Setting
Each channel window can contain up to 16 different traces. Each trace is assigned the
measured parameter (S-parameter), display format and other parameters. The
parameters related to a trace are listed in table 4.8.
The traces can be displayed in one graph, overlapping each other, or in separate graphs
of a channel window. The trace settings are made in two steps: trace number setting and
trace layout setting in the channel window. By default a channel window contains one
trace. If you need to enable two or more traces, set the number of traces as described
To set the number of the traces, use the following
Display > Num Of Traces
Then select the number of traces from the menu.
All the traces are assigned their individual names, which cannot be changed. The trace
name contains its number. The trace names are as follows: Tr1, Tr2 ... Tr16.
Each trace is assigned some initial settings: measured parameter, format, scale, and
color, which can be modified by the user.
nBy default the measured parameters are set in the following
succession: S11, S
21, S
12, S
22. After that the measurements
repeat in cycles.
nBy default the display format for all the traces is set to
logarithmic magnitude (dB).
nThe scale parameters by default are set as follows: division is
set to 10 dB, reference level value is set to 0 dB, reference
level position is in the middle of the graph.
nThe trace color is determined by its number. You can change
the color for all the traces with the same number.
Note Full cycle of trace updating depends on the S-parameters
measured and the calibration method. The full cycle can
consist of one sweep of Port 1 or Port 2 being a source, or
can include two successive sweeps, of Port 1 then of Port
2. For example, to have two traces (S
11 and S
measured, two successive sweeps will be performed. Two
successive sweeps are also performed during full 2-port
calibration, independently of the number of the traces and
S-parameters measured.
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