Note RF Out function is applied to the whole Analyzer, not to
some channels. The indication about it will appear in the
instrument status bar (See section 4.1.3).
4.5.8 Segment Table Editing
Segment table determines the sweep rule when segment sweep is activated.
To open the segment table, use the following softkeys:
Stimulus > Segment Table
When you switch to the Segment Table submenu, the segment table will open in the
lower part of the screen. When you exit the Segment Table submenu, the segment table
will become hidden.
The segment table layout is shown below. The table has three mandatory columns:
frequency range and number of sweep points, and three columns, which you can
enable/disable: IF bandwidth, power level and delay time.
Each row describes one segment. The table can contain one or more rows, up to 20001
(the total number of sweep points of all the segments).
To add a segment to the table, click Add softkey. The new
segment row will be entered below the highlighted one.
To delete a segment, click Delete softkey. The highlighted
segment will be deleted.
For any segment it is necessary to set the mandatory parameters: frequency range and
number of sweep points. The frequency range can be set either as Start / Stop, or as
Center / Span.
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