To set the frequency range representation mode, click
Freq Mode softkey to select between Start/Stop and
Center/Span options.
For any segment you can enable the additional parameter columns: IF bandwidth, power
level, and delay time. If such a column is disabled, the corresponding value set for
linear sweep will be used (same for all the segments).
To enable the IF bandwidth column, click List IFBW
To enable the power level column, click List Power
To enable the delay time column, click List Delay
To set a parameter, make a mouse click on its value field and enter the value. To
navigate in the table you can use the keys of the keyboard.
Note The adjacent segments do not overlap in the frequency
The segment table can be saved into *.lim file to a hard disk and later recalled.
To save the segment table, click Save… softkey.
Then enter the file name in the appeared dialog.
To recall the segment table, click Recall… softkey.
Then select the file name in the appeared dialog.
Segment sweep graph has two methods of frequency axis representation. The axis can
display the frequencies of the measurement points. For some cases it can be helpful to
have the frequency axis displayed in sequential numbers of the measurement points.
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