To set the number of trace scale divisions, use the
following softkeys:
Scale > Divisions1
Note Quick trace scale setting by the mouse is described in
section 4.3.
4.9.3 Circular Scale
For polar and Smith chart formats, you can set the outer circle value (See figure 4.16).
Figure 4.16 Circular scale
4.9.4 Circular Scale Setting
To set the scale of the circular graphs, use the following
Scale > Scale
4.9.5 Automatic Scaling
The automatic scaling function automatically allows the user to define the trace scale so
that the trace of the measured value could fit into the graph entirely.
In rectangular format, two parameters are adjustable: scale division and reference level
position. In circular format, the outer circle value will be adjusted.
1 Number of the scale divisions affect all the graphs of the channel.
Scale Scale
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