Safety Instructions
Read the safety instructions carefully and thoroughly�
All cautions and warnings on the device or user’s manual should be noted�
Keep the User’s Guide that comes with the package for future reference�
Make sure that the power voltage is within its safety range and has been
adjusted properly to the value of 100~240V before connecting the device to
the power outlet� Do not disable the protective earth pin from the plug� The
device must be connected to an earthed mains socket-outlet�
The ventilator on the device is used for air convection and to prevent the device
from overheating� Do not cover the ventilator�
Do not leave the device in an unconditioned environment with a storage
temperature above 60OC or below -20OC, which may damage the device�
NOTE: The maximum operating temperature is around 40OC�
When cleaning the device, be sure to remove the power plug� Use a piece of soft
cloth rather than industrial chemical to clean the device� Never pour any liquid
into the opening; that could damage the device or cause electric shock�
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