Place the power cord in a way that people are unlikely to step on it� Do not place
anything on the power cord�
Always keep strong magnetic or electrical objects away from the device�
If any of the following situations arises, get the device checked by service
The power cord or plug is damaged�
Liquid has penetrated into the device�
The device has been exposed to moisture�
The device does not work well or you can not get it work according to user’s
The device has dropped and damaged�
The device has obvious sign of breakage�
Green Product Features
Reduced energy consumption during use and stand-by
Limited use of substances harmful to the environment and health
Easily dismantled and recycled
Reduced use of natural resources by encouraging recycling
Extended product lifetime through easy upgrades
Reduced solid waste production through take-back policy
Environmental Policy
The product has been designed to enable proper reuse of parts and
recycling and should not be thrown away at its end of life�
and disposing of their end-of-life products�
Visit the MSI website and locate a nearby distributor for further recycling
Users may also reach us at gpcontdev@msi�com for information regarding
proper disposal, take-back, recycling, and disassembly of MSI products�
1� Take a 10-minute break for every 30 minutes of screen time�
2� Children under 2 years of age should have no screen time� For children aged
2 years and over, screen time should be limited to less than one hour per day�
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