Installation Reference
Optional: Install the PI on a pole or a tower.
Guide a hose clamp through the holes and fix the hose clamp on the pole or tower.
Holes for installing a hose clamp
Holes for installing a hose clampThe
di a meter of the pole is 48 mm to 114 mm.
Tighten the screws on the hose clamp.
Install the other hose clamp by repeating the previous steps.
Hold the PI when you fix it on a pole or a tower. The PI will drop
off without enough support.
Ensure that the service ports of the PI face downward before
you fix the PI.
Install the PGND cable of the PI.
Connect the OT terminal of the PGND
cable to the ground nut.
PGND cable
Remove the anticorrosion paint and oxide layer at the ground
point. After the connection is complete, waterproof and
rustproof the ground point.
Install the base of
ground clip.
After the PGND cable is installed, apply anti-seize grease to
the ground nut and ground point.
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The di ameter of the pole
is 48 mm to 114 mm.
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