Do not return products to our factory without our prior
1 The foregoing warranty is exclusive, and in lieu of all other
express warranties, whether written or oral, express or
implied. Motion Composites shall not be liable for any
consequential or incidental damages whatsoever. By
registering your Motion Composites wheelchair, you will be
deemed to agree with all provisions of this warranty.
2 It is forbidden to alter or extend the foregoing express
warranty or to waive any of the limitations or exclusions.
12 Particular damages
12.1 Damages requiring service by a qualified
service agent
If any of the following conditions are observed, the wheelchair
must be serviced by a qualified service agent:
Any wheel adjustment;
• Any defective ball bearings of the forks;
• Any defective ball bearings of the front wheels;
12.2 Special damages that require the return of
the wheelchair to the manufacturer
If any of the following conditions are observed, always contact
your service agent prior to sending your wheelchair for repairs
at Motion Composites.
• Part of the frame or cross brace is cracked;
• The thread of a rivet-nut is damaged;
• Part of the frame or the cross brace is broken;
• Cross brace becomes worn;
• Problems continue to be identified after several adjustments
or repairs have been made by a qualified service agent.
12.2 Repair procedure
Parts that could be repaired by the owner:
Rear tire and inner tube.
Parts serviced by the manufacturer or service center:
All parts of the wheelchair except for the tires and the inner-
Parts that can be removed and sent to the manufacturer/
distributor or other party for repair:
Wheels, arm rest, foot rest, upholstery, cushion
Circumstances in which the wheelchair should be sent for
Broken bearings, loose spokes, wheel not aligned, loose bolt,
abnormal vibrations, noise or any deviation in the frame,
front stem is not perpendicular to floor, broken part like anti-
tippers, back canes, rips or tear on the upholstery and for
the yearly inspection
Please contact our customer service agent for the complete
list of distributors or service centers.
Some dealers may offer replacement units during the
service period. Please contact you service agent for full
details. Motion Composites will hold replacement parts for a
minimum of 10 years or propose a compatible spare option.
If the wheelchair needs to be sent to a service center or to
the manufacturer for service, it should be packed carefully
in a cardboard box fitting the size of the wheelchair. The
anti-tippers, the foot rest and cushion should be removed
and packed in a small box inside the larger cardboard
box containing the wheelchair. The wheelchair should be
protected with a protective film to prevent from scratches
or wear.
Allen key: Keys:
2,5 mm 10 mm
3 mm 11 mm
4 mm 1/2’’ (13 mm)
5 mm
For Quick Release: Other:
7/16’’ (11 mm) Wrench
3/4’’ (19 mm) Phillips screwdriver
1’’ 1/16 (27 mm)
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