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6If you ignore these Warnings or fail to inspect or maintain your
wheelchair as directed in the manual , you may fall, tip over or lose
control of the wheelchair and seriously injure yourself or others or
damage the wheelchair.
4. Before use
4.1 General WARNING
Your HELIO C2 wheelchair has been designed by
professionals with proper use of carbon fiber in mind.
Composites approved and designed clamps and
accessories on your HELIO C2 wheelchair.
4.1.1 Safety Inspections and Maintenance
It is important to keep your wheelchair in proper working
1. ALWAYS inspect and maintain your Motion Composites
wheelchair strictly in accordance with the instructions and
charts in Chapter 10.4 General Maintenance and Chapter 13
Safety Inspection Checklist.
2. If you detect a problem in the course of your inspections or
maintenance, ALWAYS have the chair serviced or repaired to
correct the problem before using the chair.
3. ALWAYS have your wheelchair completely inspected
and serviced by an authorized Motion Composite certified
technician at least once a year.
4. ALWAYS perform your safety inspections and any
maintenance or adjustments while the chair is unoccupied
(unless this Manual expressly states otherwise).
4.1.2 Motor Vehicle Safety WARNING
Motion Composites wheelchairs are NOT designed to
be used for seating in a motor vehicle, and the
wheelchairs do NOT meet Federal Highway standards
for motor vehicle seating.
NEVER sit in your chair while in any type of moving
vehicle (bus, automobile, van, truck, boat, train, etc.). In
an accident or sudden stop, you may be thrown from
the chair. In an accident or sudden stop, a wheelchair
seat belt will NOT prevent injuries and may, in fact,
cause injuries.
ALWAYS transfer to an approved vehicle seat before the
vehicle begins moving.
ALWAYS secure yourself in the approved vehicle seat using the
proper seating restraints (in a motor vehicle, lap/shoulder belts;
in a plane, lap belts, etc.).
NEVER transport your chair in the front seat of a vehicle.
Movements of the vehicle may cause the chair to shift and
interfere with the driver’s ability to control the vehicle.
When transporting your chair in a moving vehicle, ALWAYS
secure your chair so that it cannot roll or shift. In most cases,
stowing it in the trunk is the safest alternative.
NEVER use any chair that has been involved in a motor vehicle
accident. A wheelchair that has been involved in a motor
vehicle accident may be damaged in ways that are not readily
apparent and which could cause the chair to fail in use.
4.1.3 Acclimating to your new wheelchair
Each wheelchair is a unique piece of medical equipment.
Whether you are a new wheelchair user or have years
of experience, you MUST take the time to acclimate to
the wheelchair before you begin riding. Start slowly and
take the time to learn the handling, maneuvering and
ride characteristics of this chair.
4.1.4 Note to users:
The HELIO C2 wheelchair is a manually operated device
intended to be used as a means of mobility for persons
restricted to a sitting position. It is not indicated for the
pediatric population. Carefully read the instructions in this
manual before using or servicing your wheelchair. If you
have any questions or difficulties understanding the following
instructions, please contact a qualified technician; you may also
wish to contact a Motion Composites technician by phone or
email (see contact information on previous page).
4.1.5 Important WARNING when using the
The stroller-handle is not designed to lift or pull the
weight of user in the wheelchair. It’s designed to push
and guide the wheelchair user. Lifting or pulling the
weight of the user in the wheelchair could initiate the
breakage of the push-handle and cause serious injury.
4.1.6 Note to dealers & qualified technicians
Read this manual before servicing, repairing, operating
or adjusting the wheelchair. If you have any questions or
difficulties understanding the following instructions, please
contact a qualified technician; you may also wish to contact a
Motion Composites technician by phone or email (see contact
information on previous page).
4.2 Symbols
The following symbols are used throughout this manual. Please
familiarize yourself with their meaning.
The warning sign indicates important information to
prevent injuries and property damage.
Useful information for the user
Initial setup of your HELIO C2 wheelchair must be
done by a qualified technician.
The latest version of this manual can be found on our
website at motioncomposites.com
Regular maintenance of your HELIO C2 will extend the
life of the wheelchair. Take your wheelchair to a
qualified technician every year for inspection and
Do not use air or electric tool, tightening should be
done manually.
5. Tutorial
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